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United Way of Hudson County Creates an
Online Non-Profit Resource Center

At United Way of Hudson County, we believe it is our mission to do whatever we can to help the poor, the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the homeless people of Hudson County. In part, we do this by supporting the work of other non-profit agencies in the county. If we have available funding or know of a grant or other resources that can benefit another non-profit and help them serve their clients, we will provide that funding and/or resources to fulfill that need. We consider it our responsibility to help every well-rounded non-profit agency in Hudson County succeed in their mission.

Therefore, United Way of Hudson County has made it part of our mission to become an information clearinghouse, an online non-profit resource center, where we share our resources with other non-profit agencies. We believe by offering our information and resources to other non-profit agencies, we can help them continue to grow and succeed in their mission.

In this section, non-profit agencies can download many of our databases and directories and link up with a vast offering of resources that will help them reach out to the communities they serve.

Whether it is the address of our governor, the website of a local newspaper or the phone number of a pro bono lawyer, the databases and links in this section have that information. Some databases (due to their size) will require a request form. If that is the case, just click on the database, fill out the form and email it back to us. When your request is approved, we will send you an email notification letting you know when to pick up the document(s).

In the future, United Way of Hudson County plans to have a visible Non-Profit Resource Center in our community, housed in a building with public access. There, we will have resource specialists on staff to help guide you with outreach, grant writing, financials and audits and other processes involved in running a viable Non-Profit Organization in Hudson County.

Resources for Hudson County Non-Profit Organizations

2-1-1 First Call for HelpFunded in part by United Way of Hudson County, 2-1-1 is a 24/7hotline that provides individuals and families with referrals to their local community resources. Non Profits in Hudson County can register with 2-1-1, so that the community can reach out to your service.

Links: A resource of organizations to help Non Profits find resources, consultants, legal services, and sister organizations that provide support services.

DonationsIf a non-profit is not equipped to process credit-card donations, United Way of Hudson County will process those donations for the non-profit free of administrative costs.

DatabasesUnited Way of Hudson County has created databases that may be useful to your Non-Profit organization, including names and addresses of our state, county and local government leaders and their offices; school districts; houses of worship; media outlets and more.

Gifts in KindSign up to get alerts. United Way of Hudson County is in partnership with Gifts in Kind International Inc., which serves as a clearing house for donated goods from national corporations such as cell phones, toiletries, office supplies. Non-profits can sign on to our email-alert list and will be notified when donated items become available.

DesignationsAnywhere in the United States where there is a United Way Campaign contributions can be made to your non-profit via Donor Designation.

New Campaign: Set up a new United Way Campaign in any company in Hudson County’s territory and 100% of the proceeds will be allocated to your Non-profit.

Non Profit IncubationIf you’re a new Non-Profit in Hudson County and you need help launching your organization, United Way of Hudson County can help guide you with our resources and referrals.

SponsorshipIs your Non-Profit organizing a special event? We can help you publicize that event and we can even co-sponsor the event (subject to committee approval.)

United Way NewsletterEvery month, United Way of Hudson County puts out “The Corner,” newsletter, which is sent to 350 outlets in Hudson County. Send us information about your Non-Profit and we will feature your organization in one of our newsletters.

Meeting RoomDuring our office hours, United Way of Hudson County offers a meeting room in our facility to other Non-Profits as a free meeting space.

Grant Match MoneyIf your Non-profit is applying for grant or foundation money and needs a “match”contact United Way of Hudson County.

CollaborationIf your Non-Profit needs help instituting a new program, contact United Way of Hudson County and we will use our resources and referrals to put you in touch with collaborating agencies that will help you in your mission.

Non-Profit List ServeNon-Profit agencies need reliable resources that keep them up-to-date with what their sister agencies are doing. United Way of Hudson County has instituted a Non-Profit List Serve so that sister agencies can communicate with each other and keep abreast of each other’s activities, needs and resources.

By participating with this List Serve, Non-Profits that work with similar communities, like child wellness, special needs, the homeless, can work together to help each other achieve their mission.

Non Profit CalendarThis year’s Calendar of Events where all Hudson Non Profits can list their galas, summits, conferences and other important happenings in Hudson.